HR Audit

Ensuring legal compliance and identifying Human Resource weaknesses is imperative to any business.

How can you solve a problem if you don’t know it exists? How can you strengthen your business, if you don’t know it’s weaknesses? Through an HR Audit, Summit Lab can not only identify these shortcomings but can provide you with the necessary solutions to correct them. That said, to ensure that your business continuously aligns with the current policies and best practices, periodic HR Audits should be performed by HR specialists like Summit Lab.

Many companies are unaware of areas that may be out of compliance with County or local employment laws until it is too late. Whether you are struggling with attracting or retaining top employees, concerned about compliance or employment laws, or just want to ensure that your organization is running as efficiently as possible, our HR Audits will provide you with the answers you’ve been looking for.

Our skilled and knowledgeable HR advisors will not just provide you with a thorough analysis but will give you the steps needed to rectify any issues at hand. Since the laws by which your company follows are constantly changing, it’s very important that periodic HR Audits are performed. In addition to providing you with a detailed review of your level of compliance, an HR Audit carried out by Summit Lab can also highlight any gaps within your Human Resource Policies & practices.

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By pinpointing these HR gaps & fixing the issue, we can help to improve the overall performance of your business and its policies. Our range of audit and accountancy services offers clients reassurance from a technical perspective, enthusiasm and responsiveness. Each audit is headed up by a dedicated partner and manager team whose job it is to ensure we deliver what we promise.

Your audit partner will be expertly placed to put you in touch with the many specialist services you may need as your business grows.