Sarah Butaki


Sarah is the President and Founder of Summit Lab with more than 30 years of well-rounded human resources leadership expertise.

Sarah has implemented a variety of innovative and cutting-edge programs and services throughout her career, and has designed and delivered expert training and communications that not only make these programs successful, but exceed the client’s expectations for results. She has worked with both domestic and international firms in a variety of industries, such as Healthcare, Long Term Care, Manufacturing, Retail and Non-Profit.

Sarah has worked with leaders to build winning positive teams, cultures and practices that drive involvement and achievement of results. Sarah has experience in talent acquisition at all levels from manufacturing operators, and has extensive background in labor relations and negotiations, employee relations and union avoidance, total rewards (benefits, equity, compensation) design, administration and cost control, organizational design and effectiveness, training and development, due diligence and M & A.

“Sarah obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Business from University of Nairobi. She is also a memeber of…. “ - Sarah Butaki

Her attention to detail, knowledge of systems, and focus on accuracy have made her a valuable resource for our clients.